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FlyingBoats! AIS to GDL90 Converter

FlyingBoats! AIS to GDL90 Converter

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In-cockpit VHF marine radio receiver with WiFi connectivity. Receives and decodes Automatic Identification System (AIS) position reports being broadcast by ships and converts them to ADSB-like traffic reports for display in ForeFlight.

Ship locations can be viewed directly on the moving map in ForeFlight, allowing pilots to see vessels that are within the ForeFlight glide ring at a quick glance.

Use Cases:
  • Ferry flying
  • Single engine IFR over water
  • Offshore & maritime aviation
  • View vessel locations directly in ForeFlight
  • First 8 characters of the vessel’s name are displayed as the “tail number” of the traffic
  • Airborne ADSB traffic remains visible
  • Dual AIS receiver for simultaneous reception of both AIS VHF channels
  • Multiple WiFi options to connect to ForeFlight:
    • Connect to existing in-cockpit WiFi network (Stratus, Sentry, Stratux, etc.)
    • Creates a standalone access point for the iPad to connect to
  • Power from 5V USB supply or aircraft 9-36V supply
  • BNC connector for VHF AIS antenna
    • Use “rubber duck” in-cockpit antenna or connect to spare VHF NAV/COM antenna

User Manual for Firmware Version 1.1.0 (July 15 2023)

Firmware Version 1.1.0 (July 15 2023) Update Package

User Manual for Firmware Version 1.0.0 (April 30 2023)

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